Intercompany Processes in SAP Business ByDesign

Intercompany Processes in SAP Business ByDesign

Are you a Group of company seeking an ERP system?


As a group company you might have difficulties in checking the visibility of the relationships between the buying & affiliated selling company.

Team PBSS would like to handle your intercompany transactions. SAP Business ByDesign enable the intercompany transactions to fulfill your group company transactions.

These processes support transactions affecting more than one company in a group of partner companies. The system automatically posts clearings between the companies identifying the receivables or payables that arise between the companies.

Intercompany transactions is a huge challenge when using normal ERP systems. But SAP ByDesign is a product which simplify your day today processes.


Let’s assume requesting company sends a PO to the selling company. After releasing the PO in the buying company, a sales order is generated in the supplying company without any manual posting. PBSS ByD Team is willing to discuss you regarding intercompany transactions.

As the supplier invoice is created automatically by the customer invoice, no manual data entry for the supplier is needed.


This takes out the hassles of the Accounts or Finance Department to reconcile intercompany control account. Also you can consolidate any no of companies in the single data base.

SAP business ByDesign system enable intercompany project transaction as well. As a solution provider PBSS consultant are ready to tell how to do project time and expenses.

PBSS is here to help specially for Group Company to minimize the data entry effort.


Anjalika Alahakoon
HOD- Sales & Marketing
Mobile – +94 773 972 805


Dilini Gunarathne
Assistant Project Manager – Cloud ERP


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