Perfect Vertical Solutions

Perfect Vertical Solutions


PBSS has developed the following vertical solutions to meet industry specific requirements

Specialized industries covered are:

RD & Sales Force Automation (SFA)

School/Institute Management

Workshop Management

Advanced Job Costing/Construction Module

Fleet Management

RD & Sales Force Automation (SFA)

  1. Head Office Planning Module

    The Module will support user to manage the sales process activities that should be in place for sales rep’s operation in the field.

    • Route planning
    • Setup an maintain business controls
    • Data Receive from Backend Applications through integration interface
    • Invoice cancelation prior to transfer to backend
    • Reports (Maximum7 Standard reports and 5 Client specific customised reports)
    • Data Send to Existing Backend Application through integration interface
    • Data Update Scheduling
  2. Re- Distribution Module for Distributor managers
    1. Transaction
      1. Purchase order – create purchase order and approved, the approved purchase order will be transferred to the ERP for primary sales process.
      2. GRN – the supplier invoice generated from the ERP will be transferred to the relevant distributor in lined to the purchase order, the distributor can record the GRN.
      3. Supplier Return – the distributor will have provisions to record returns against a GRN
      4. Sales Order/ Sales Invoice – Secondary Sales order or invoice can be generated against a dealer when mobile based functionality not available.
      5. Receipt – Secondary sales collection can be recorded
      6. Credit Note – Secondary sales returns can be recorded
      7. Stock transfers/ Stock Loadingb.
    2. Reports
      1. Invoice Print
      2. Purchase Order listing and Print
      3. GRN listing and Print
      4. Supplier Return listing and Print
      5. Collection
      6. Outstanding
      7. Sales
      8. Invoice Listing
      9. Credit Note Listing
      10. Receipt Listing
    3. Enquiries
      1. Dealers
      2. Items
      3. Classifications
      4. Price List
      5. TAX Table
      6. Discount
  3. TAB Application (Android) for Sales rep – SFA
    • Receive Updated data from Head Office
    • View and Follow the Route plan
    • View Customer Information
    • Perform Sales Invoicing
    • Validate credit limits and Outstanding
    • Market Return
    • Sales Return
    • View Target vs. Achievement
    • P.O.S.M issues
    • Sample Issues
    • Printing – Order and Receipt
    • View Sales History
    • View Sales Summary
    • Dashboards (Outstanding, Sales Analysing, Sales Progress)
    • Update Head office (Online/ Day end)
  4. Integrate ERP Application

    The system will be customized to integrate with backend ERP application to receive the master data. The same integration will transfer transaction data received from the field to the ERP applications. The information will be available for distributor user as well as Head office management as soon as they received to the head office through the mobile data connectivity.

    The following key information will be integrated.

    • Product Master
    • Customer Master
    • Stock Locations
    • Price Master
    • Purchase Order
    • Supplier Invoice
    • Secondary Sales
    • Stock Updates
    • Targets
    • Customer Outstanding
  5. GPS tracking
    • AGPS point will be captured at the time of invoicing
    • System will have a facility to capture Outlet profile GPS points as static point of the Outlet
    • System will have a view to display the outlet profile GPS point and actual invoice GPS point on Google MAP for a Sales rep on a given date.
    • Track the visit path – system will capture the GPS location in predefined time intervals in order to draw the actual visit path of the sales rep (device)
    • GPS tracking application will have an online update view to display the current location of each sales rep with their last productive activity information. The system will display a different icons to indicate the sales reps who do not have sales for last two hours. (frequency can be parameterised)

Perfect Student Management

Summarized features

  • Fully Web based Student Management System
  • Integrated with back end Sage and SAP B1 or any other product
  • Online Application handling with payment gateways
  • Scheduling of interviews and selections
  • Temporary registration and permanent registration of students
  • Comprehensive Student Master
  • Grade & Class Allocation
  • Time Tables handling & Teacher Allocations
  • Fees/Receipting/Refunds
  • Bulk Invoicing
  • Reservations ex: Auditorium/Swimming Pool/Ground
  • Handling of Extra Curricular Activities

One of its recent innovations, the Perfect Student Management System by PBSS is a unique package which caters exclusively for schools, universities, tertiary education entities, tuition centres, campuses and other institutions dealing with students. This is a comprehensive software package that meets practically all aspects relating to student management and provides faster, convenient and accurate avenues to monitor and administer the activities of a large student body.

Features in detail

User Management

  • Transaction Controls
  • Application form control
  • Interview schedule control
  • Admission control
  • Letter format control
  • Letter format system parameters
  • Extra activity control
  • Location/ Property management control
  • Student Leave control
  • Student Allocation control
  • Master data management
  • Student application management – Internet/ Intranet
  • Application form
  • Application Student Details
  • Online Application Parents Details
  • Application Staff Member Details
  • Application Past Pupils Association (PPA) Details
  • Application Details of Siblings
  • Application payment
  • Student Admission Management
  • Manage Application
  • Schedule Interview
  • Select/ Reject Student
  • Student Management
  • Allocate Student to classes
  • Student wise subject allocation
  • New admission list
  • Student attendance
  • Student leave (long term leave)
  • Day care allocation
  • Exam Marks Recording/Upload
  • Student Performance Recording
  • Record disciplinary actions against students
  • Record Student Extra Activity
  • Payment Management – Students/ External customers
  • Payment structures
  • Invoicing
  • Receipt
  • Credit note
  • Student profile view and update
  • Student Information.
  • Student Parent Information.
  • Siblings Details.
  • Past Grade marks.
  • Student Performances/Achievements.
  • Disciplinary Actions.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Extra activities (Sports).
  • Outstanding Payments.
  • PPA detail (After resigned).
  • Time table management (Design and Logic)
  • Teacher Allocation
  • Subject Definition
  • Time Period Control
  • Time table process
  • Editable time table view
  • Property Management (Sport complex/ Auditorium)
  • Location booking
  • Notification Management
  • Email/ SMS
  • Integration with other backend system
  • Enquiries
  • The system will provide data for enquiries of all master data including student information master.
  • Reports
  • Following reports will be available with standard Perfect School Management application.
  • Active student list
  • Inactive student list
  • Grade-wise student list
  • Category-wise student list
  • Age Analysis
  • Inactive list – Term wise
  • Student Ledger
  • Outstanding Inactive List
  • Payments Made By
  • Invoice Generated
  • Print Invoices
  • Student Population

Perfect Workshop Management and Advanced Job Costing

  • Fully integrated module with Sage & SAP B1
  • Handles all the after sale support jobs
  • Job Quotations, Job Estimates, Job Estimate Revisions, Job Estimate Approval and Job Card Opening
  • Installation Base tracking
  • Serialized items warranty tracking
  • Job Issues, Returns, Job Invoicing
  • In vehicle business Service tracking
  • Service agreements

The Perfect Service Manager is a useful package that caters to the needs of the business community, particularly for those in sales, distribution, trading, logistics, warehousing and related industries. With necessary customization and scalability, the Package can be effectively tailored to meet the needs of a multitude of business applications.

Features in detail

Master Data setup

  • Job Type
  • Employee
  • Site
  • Department
  • Location
  • Activities
  • Branches
  • Account Type
  • Issue Type
  • Service Type
  • Activities
  • Activity Status
  • Labor Issue
    • approval levels
    • Add employee category
    • Return Labor in same screen
    • Control either Period or units
  • BOQ
    • equipment in line
    • approval levels
    • load defaults details to job card too
    • Load BOQ to BOM
  • AP Issue
  • GL Issue
  • Additional Features
    • Phase wise entry
    • Multi unit of measure
    • Multi currency
    • Lot/Bin
    • Units with volume
  • Activity Type
  • GL Transaction Type
  • Import Data
  • Approval Level
  • Manufacturing Master
  • Priority Master
  • Schedule Master
  • Cost Split Method
  • Skill Type
  • Equipment Manager
    • Show customer and Insurance
    • Image/file upload
    • Link Activities
    • Approval levels
    • Inquiry Lists
    • Equipment Replace Function
  • BOM
    • add equipment to line
    • Approval levels
    • Multiple Estimate Link with Job Card
  • Invoice
    • Work order Invoice
    • Job Invoice
    • Direct Service Invoice
    • Partially Invoice
    • Make Item
    • Print Form
  • Job Card
    • Multiple Equipment’s
    • Show balance payment
    • Show advance payment
    • Approval levels
    • file upload
    • Auto Job Create
    • Customer Validate according to job Types
    • Profitability calculate
    • Link Jobs Manage
    • Print Form
  • Inventory Request
    • Approval levels
    • 3 issue types (PO through ,BOM, Direct)
    • grn import and keep status
    • Estimated vs Issue Validate
    • Requested vs Issue Validate
  • Inventory Issue
    • Estimated vs Issue Validate
    • Requested vs Issue Validate
    • Direct Issue / Request Issue
  • Inventory Return
  • GL Return
  • AP Return
  • Credit Note
    • Invoice Credit
    • Direct Credit
  • User Authentication Forms Access, save, edit, approve, post, print, reprint

Perfect Fleet Management

  • Fully integrated module with Sage Evolution ERP
  • Vehicle Route Planner
  • Comprehensive fleet master
  • Vehicle maintenance tracking
  • Insurance reminders

Specially designed to meet the growing needs of the transport sector, the Perfect Fleet Management System is a superior software package that offers a complete solution to the industry. The system allows 360-degree monitoring and administration facility, thereby enabling customers to ensure optimum use of their transport fleet.

Details of the features

  • Master data handling
    • Vehicles, Employees (Drivers, Labor etc..), Customers, Vendors
    • Services and Maintenance Data
    • Vehicle Additional Options
  • Rent vehicles
    • Handling short term and long term rent with agreement.
    • Booking Vehicles
    • Vehicle replacement
    • Payment transaction
  • Reminders
    • Renewals (Insurance, Annual service, License, Taxes)
    • Hiring agreement termination
  • Master data handling
    • Vehicles, Employees (Drivers, Labor etc..), Customers, Vendors
    • Services and Maintenance Data
    • Vehicle Additional Options
  • Reports
    • Rent detail and summary
    • Service/Repair Maintenance Report
    • Service/Repair Maintenance Dashboard
    • Master data Report
    • Vehicle Movement Report

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