Remote Working and What needs to be done immediately

Remote Working and What needs to be done immediately

How certain companies were not ready for remote working?

  • They do not have a single experience of remote working and therefore did not know how to do this
  • They do not have the remote platform-tools
  • They did not have the mindset that remote working is possible
  • Lack of IT knowledge and no proper IT company to guide them
  • Did not see the remote working as an investment
  • Did not have any idea about the costing of remote working and expected it was very expensive (which is not the case)
  • Advises were taken from Non-IT companies
  • Did not select the correct IT platform
  • Not ready for long-term investments
  • Negative mindset to change


What need to be done immediately to address the COVID-19 after effects

  • See how you can use Remote Platform for your office
  • Look for a proper Remote Working Platform Infrastructure
  • Brainstorm new opportunities with the current condition
  • Have brainstorming sessions with your teams to come with new ideas
  • Speak to a service provider who can assist you with their expertise
  • When it comes to software’s, look for cloud-hosted solutions or SaaS basis


What are the benefits of Remote working even after this Pandemic?

  • Cost savings of remote working
    •   Ex: Saving on Overhead costs (Electricity, Water, AC, Staff welfare, Maintenance etc)
  • Personal benefits to the staff members with remote working
    • ex: Staff members can stay with their families, Staff can cut down their personal travelling expenses, The time of travelling will be saved, they are not tired, pollution in the environment will be reduced,  maintenance cost of their vehicles will be reduced, expenses on clothing could be reduced etc

Tips for working from home

  • Build a Permanent Work Space
  • Set Real Working Hours
  • Discover Your High Productivity Periods
  • Make To-Do Lists
  • Proper follow-ups with a tool

How we can be a help?

  • Share our expertise knowledge on Remote Working Platforms
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