Retail POS and Vertical Solutions

Retail POS and Vertical Solutions

Point of Sales Solutions

  • Retail Point of Sale is designed for a busy environment with heavy traffic, much like a Hypermarket. This application allows you to process transactions at a faster pace, managing customer queues.
  • You can create documents, process petty cash transactions and follow the easy cash-up wizard to assist in your end of day proceedings.
  • This module requires you to configure your tills and setup tills and authorisation processes.
  • You will setup your tills and agents in the main Sage database.
  • Detailed default settings are necessary for this module.
  • You will need to create supervisory agents and allocate agents (cashiers) to these supervisors.
  • Set needed permissions on agents or agent groups to manage access and processing abilities.
  • Set specific till security permissions.
  • You will also setup your Point of Sale devices, denominations, tender types and other relevant settings applicable to your Retail Point of Sale environment.
  • Promotions, Lay-bys and Keep Asides are catered for.
  • There are various Stationary Layouts available for the different Point of Sale documents. These layouts are fully customisable.
  • You can set up Additional Charges via the Accounts Receivables module that can be selected on your retail dockets.

Retail Point of Sale Processing

It is important to have strict control over the point of sale process. Agents deal with cash, and both the agents and the company need to know that the agent fully accounts for all monies on a daily or shift basis.

Sample daily point of sale procedure

  1. When a day or a shift starts up, the agent enters the float via the Retail Transactions function.
  2. Run the Start Trading Session transaction via the Retail Transaction function.
  3. Specify the trading session duration.
  4. As the agent processes sales and returns, the system keeps track of the monies moving into and out of the till.
  5. The agent should process all other movements of monies into or out of the till via the Retail Transactions function, using the appropriate transaction type, which would be one of the following:

Perfect Vertical Solutions

PBSS has developed the following vertical solutions to meet industry specific requirements

Specialized industries covered are:

RD & Sales Force Automation (SFA)

School/Institute Management

Workshop Management

Advanced Job Costing/Construction Module

Fleet Management

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