How SAP Business ByDesign can assist your Procurement

How SAP Business ByDesign can assist your Procurement

These days without a proper procurement system most of the companies fail to continue their exiting process. So as a solution provider we called the procurement system as “bells and whistles”. However Team PBSS is ready to show you how to simplify the procurement process without any failures.

Most of the manual task can be automated if you have a world best cloud ERP solution which SAP Business Bydesign in your company with the adapting new challengers. Automated procurement process will help you to smooth the day today process of your company. Save your time and cost will be great advantage to you.



SAP Bydesign enable you to sourcing to make easy for negotiations. Sourcing you can use request for quotation (RFQ) and contract management processes. Price negotiation will effect to minimize massive expenses to your company. Through the SAP ByDesign you can enhance to manage multiple supplier contracts in your company.

Team PBSS can guide you for streamline your company’s purchasing activities and provide buyers with real-time information, so you can negotiate better prices by using SAP Business ByDesign Solution.

You don’t need to keep manual paper-based purchase requisition, purchase orders. When you automate it can be send via emails. SAP ByDesign provides complete transparency into the business and you can easily locate purchase orders and manage multiple supplier contracts.

Let’s say if you are a manufacturing company or project management company or online shopping business then definitely you have to call to PBSS Team to smooth your procurement process.


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HOD- Sales & Marketing
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Dilini Gunarathne
Assistant Project Manager – Cloud ERP


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