Construction: Booming with SAP Business ByDesign

Construction: Booming with SAP Business ByDesign

As we already know Construction industry is booming over again these days. Its major contribution factor is technology. Resource usage is the critical concern of construction industry. Without having proper resource usage you cannot make effective project management within the agreed scope.


Common goal of the construction company is delivering the project on time within the budget. Not only that I’m pretty sure you need to track the process and manage the inventory & resource. By having access for real time information of a project is you expecting as a project manager. As a No 1 leading solution partner, PBSS recommend you to go with SAP Business ByDeisgn for best transparency of your projects.


SAP Business ByDesign help you to manage your projects from end to end. PBSS Team is here to tell you how to work together within your project team. Assume if you are a project manager then PBSS team will show you how plan & structure the projects the way you want with the instant access tools. BOM, BOQ with all estimated expenses and revenues can be enter in SAP ByDesign System. Project budget or estimation can be done phase wise as well as task wise for both expenses and revenue.


You will get interactive and graphical views of your projects. SAP ByDesign supports all standard graphic representations of projects. You have instant access to a variety of tools including Gantt charts, work breakdown structures, and network diagrams.


You can allocate team members to the projects. Staff availability can be checked in the calendar before allocation of the staff. “Show Availability” is the advanced feature of the SAP ByDesign which you can maintain the commitments of a particular employee.



SAP ByDesign  will directly allow you to process purchasing process for your required materials from the external suppliers in project. PBSS Team can guide you to do to this advance feature if you with us.



Project management is tightly integrated with your operational and financial areas in SAP Business ByDesign.

Project Process can be started from CRM process in SAP ByDesign. PBSS Team will show you entire transaction process starting from CRM process with project management in the demo.

Hence Team PBSS will guild you regarding Mobile apps available for time and expense recording, Time Recording and project monitoring, Project to Go and Project Cockpit.



SAP Business ByDesign provides you with reliable and accurate data relating to project progress and deviations. So Please Contact us if you are a construction company.







Anjalika Alahakoon
HOD- Sales & Marketing
Mobile – +94 773 972 805



Dilini Gunarathne
Assistant Project Manager – Cloud ERP

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